Polska Grupa Górnicza

Polska Grupa Górnicza is a key partner in building the energy security of Poland. In response to the expectations of cheap and high quality energy, the Company strives for raising the effectiveness and optimizing the production costs, maintaining high standards of environment protection, as well as health and safety issues.
Polska Grupa Górnicza has the greatest hard coal resources and extraction potential in the European Union.

The mining areas of Polska Grupa Górnicza mines are located in 42 communes of Silesia province and 3 communes of Małopolskie province. The areas of mining activities cover 603 square km, and the mining areas cover 665 square km.

The present state of resources:

Balance resources ...
7 812,2 million tonnes
Industrial resources ...
2 910,8 million tonnes
Operative resources ...
1 610,1 million tonnes